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Love Adventure

Find love serendipitously In Real Life.

One problem with dating apps is confirmation bias. If you are looking for love, you will find someone looking for love, too.

Our infatuation can create compatability blindspots. Searching in this way, for love, can create a superficial bond inspired by a mutual desire for companionship. Like drinking.

What is the best way to fall in love?


It's not just my opinion. There is statistical evidence that suggests unless you are in the top percentile of photo-genetics, you're chances of success are surprisingly small.

The problem with most apps are constraints imposed by business logic: they want to be used as often as possible (despite marketing copy). Serendipity, or chance, is scary; so the experience becomes prescriptive and outcomes become narrow.

So, I thought: why not create an app that pushes you off the app and thoughtfully prompts an In Real Life (IRL) Love Adventure? This way, we might limit confirmation bias, discover new parts of ourselves, expand our horizons and find compatible companions naturally.

This is harder than swiping.

The Love Adventure isn't for the faint of heart. You will be prompted to try things, go new places, start conversations, which will inevitably involve some rejection: a small price to pay. It's like geocaching for love.

But you will have the Camp.

Along the way, the Camp—made up of real die-hard romantics like you—will support you, provide feedback and perspective to deal with the rough-and-tumble world of Real Life.

It's also important to not try. So you can look forward to that. By not-trying, I mean: choose your adventure, but don't force an outcome. Maybe you'll find love. Maybe you'll find something else. Love Adventure is designed to rustle up a new lease on life, with love being a likely outcome.

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